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, gary crist and hannah roadsen are all scheduled to present books. on april 20th, montgomery, alabama, will host the eighth annual a alabama book festival featuring vendors and exhibiters and has about 45 authors scheduled. that same weekend booktv will be live from the los angeles times festival of books. checkbook for updates on our live coverage. and please let us know about book fairs and festivals in your area, and we'll add them to our list. post them to tour wall -- to our wall as >> you're watching booktv on c-span2. here's a look at our prime time lineup for tonight beginning at 7 ian, fiona hall to ran profiles thomas mast, the man responsible for associating the elephant and the done can key with our political parties. and then booktv is live from the 2013 virginia festival of the book. georgia congressman john lewis and john carlos will sit down to discuss their experiences during the civil rights movement. at 10 p.m. eastern we'll bring you our weekly "after words" program. this week david burstein, author of "fast future" sits down with host s.e. cup
the priesthood in the context of the new testament. i'm honored to introduce to you mr. gary wills. [applause] >> pardon me for sitting. i can't stand for any length of time. we're asked to talk about our life in writing. my life in writing is tied up in st. augustine. i studied him in high school and studied him in college, read him all my adult life, and more and more over the decades, i concentrated on him, wrote a life on him, translated the confessions, commented on the confessions, and working on my favorite book of his, the trinity. this book came out of that reading because st. augustine did not believe that the bread and win given out at mass is the body and blood of jesus christ. he said that's ridiculous. you don't eat god, you don't digest god. he said that over and over. what is the body of christ, he said? st. paul tells us you are the body of cryings. the people of god, the mystical body, the church is the body of christ. well, i've noticed it was odd that's hardly referred to the fact that he didn't believe that that was the case, and he said it frequently and emphatically. i
. the 11th annual book festival will be held at the key school in maryland on april 13. authors jake, gary, and hannah rosen are scheduled to present books. on april 20th alabama will host
. it was used by regulators to increase their authority. a catch phrase gary densely uses, chairman of commodities interest trading commission is aig, aig f p, unregulated london subsidiary almost brought down our entire economy and he uses that, maybe the cftc should regulate activity in london as well as new york. this book is very effective at challenging the narrative and he is right to point out we need to challenge that narrative to make changes to dodd-frank. and to prevent the further acquisition of power by regulators who have gotten a fair amount of power in dodd-frank. he is willing to take on issues no one else is willing to take on. that the fdic became the entity that will be in charge of the orderly liquidation authority. why is it that the fed which has no authority, no experience in regulating insurance or hedge funds can suddenly become an insurance or hedge fund regulator? he asks the hard questions. i do have a few questions after reading the book that remain open. one of those is could the orderly liquidation the force for good if used properly for the first tim
in annapolis, maryland, on april 13th. authors gary crist and hannah rosen are all scheduled to present books. on april 20th, montgomery, alaska, will host the eight -- alabama, will host the eighth annual alabama book festival. the event features a children's education area and has about 45 authors and poets' presentations scheduled. that same weekend booktv will be live from the los angeles times festival of books. checkbook for updates on our live
states air force. chief staff judge advocate of the, the of the brain core, major general gary patton, director special response office, where admiral freddie king, judge advocate general of the united states coast guard. thank you all and i think we should start with mr. kenny. >> good afternoon, madam chair gillibrand and distinguished members of the subcommittee. thank you for the opportunity to appear before you to discuss the coast guard's efforts to prevent and espa√Ďa sexual assault in our service. good afternoon to you, ranking member graham. i show the commandants commitment to the safety and well being of each of our service members. assuring the coast guard personal have a collaborative cohesive work environment that allows them to accomplish their mission, protecting those on the sea, protecting america from threats delivered by sea, protecting the sea itself. a limitin limited incidents of l assault within the coast guard with was a significant central seem of the state of nose guard address delivered three weeks ago. sexual assault is intolerable in the coast guard. it's
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6